This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

This morning I received a Facetime call from a good friend in Florida. We’ve known one another forever so I accepted. There are few people I would Facetime with looking as I do.

Of course before picking it up I wondered if the shock of my glasses, ten-foot gray roots and lack of any make up would scare her into some type of cardiac episode, still I relented and answered.

To my relief Nancy was not exactly dressed for the ball either so both of us laughed, shook our heads and chatted. There’s a certain comfort to talking to old friends right now and makes this all seem a bit more bearable.

Aside from the miraculous ability to speak with each other face to face across the country, there was also a sense of wow, here we are two old friends just chatting away no differently than we have all our lives. But of course we aren’t kids anymore.

We’ve been friends since elementary school and now we’re the frogs in the pot of hot water.

Time has wreaked a certain amount of havoc on us and it’s been a slow and methodical advance. Like the frog in the pot of water that doesn’t realize the burner is getting hotter underneath him until it’s at the boiling point and too late to jump out.

Well, friends it’s too late to jump out now. COVID has locked us in with our memories and regrets for company.

My mantra has always been “this too shall pass,” and it’s worked well because most things will and do. At this moment in time, I’m not feeling so certain.

It isn’t as if the corona virus will go away and we’ll all suddenly leave our homes once again young and vital.

Oh sure we’ll once more drag our exhausted carcasses out of bed, slop on the make up, pick a flattering outfit to disguise the COVID ten pound weight gain and join the human race again, but will we be just a bit worse for wear?

Despite the fact a vaccine seems to be in the offing, how will that affect our generation?

Most people I know are not slipping on their sneakers and running out the door to be the first in line to test this new miracle drug.

I’m pretty much in the “let’s wait and see if anyone drops dead before I rush to get poked” camp.

However there will be many of us who’ll say, “I don’t give a damn about the risk, get me the hell outta here already.”

So we’ll get injected in order to kiss our grandchildren, return to our maj or canasta games, get our mani pedi and hit the mall. Or for some go back to work.

But will the vaccine actually be roadrunner and coyote running toward the cliff and be left hanging in mid air situation?

Since our generation has some institutional memory of vaccines and meds like polio and thalidomide we may take a beat before rushing out to offer up our arm. Yet optimism must rule of the day.

Of course as my friend Nancy said today she is not missing having to slather on that make up. So what are the upsides of hanging indoors?

Oh for sure the food must be number one.

Add to the calorie comas the ability to dress in elastic waists, time to cook and Amazon Whole Foods delivery and bingo, I’d call that a Trifecta.

Where once I’d have to eat standing up before any upcoming event to try and force the calories immediately down to my feet, I can now shamelessly eat sitting down. There is no reason to stress about fitting in those new jeans because I don’t have to squeeze into them yet.

Everyone is exchanging recipes and channeling their inner chef in a happy and carefree gorge fest.

Streaming television is now a staple in our homes when once it was just something new and different to try out when we felt in the mood. Not anymore! It is now the go-to means of entertainment with an unlimited supply of series, movies, documentaries and specials to keep us glued to the set with no end of discussions with friends about the content. “Have you seen?” is the new conversation opener between friends as they discuss, review and analyze the latest binge watch.

To appease my grandsons I will be signing up for Disney Plus this week in an effort to binge watch a series called The Mandalorian. I think it’s somehow related to Yoda, so count this Grammy Geek in.

I’ve already watched every episode of West Wing eleven times and actually keep it on when I’m cleaning or cooking for background noise.

You’d honestly think I was studying for an exam or something. Like when I get out of here Martin Sheen will be waiting to test me on season two, episode one.

Of course having the time and inclination to focus on my writing is a great plus. Some of you may know and others may not that distractions are mother’s milk to a writer. Any excuse to avoid sitting in front of the monitor and typing and we’re out the door in a New York minute.

For those who are lazy they’ve invented a pedal bike you can place on the floor in front of you or under a desk or table. Since I’d have to opt for lazy, I’ve been using this bike while I watch television to ease my guilt at sitting on my bony tuchas. Should I be outside exercising, of course, but since the experts are now saying the virus can attach itself to your shoes, I’m jumping on that one as an excuse to avoid the great outdoors.

Life has certainly become different now and for those who are seeing their families and going for rides or walking the streets it’s one way to avoid going insane completely.

This too shall pass, everything does, but I often wonder what will it pass into?

Will we frequent restaurants as much, go to movies or theater, try on clothes in dressing rooms once again and travel to distant lands?

No one seems qualified to say for certain what this brave new world will look like when COVID enters the dustbin of history. I only know that we’ll all be happy I’m sure to escape into the world once more, but what that world will be, I can’t even begin to imagine.

Will I miss streaming, eating and elastic, you bet. Captivity has a certain safe vibe that provides comfort and assurance, but when the doors open and this passes, I’ll run like the wind to escape my COVID bonds.



4 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Well put, Norma. I feel like Covid has put me in A Stockholm Syndrome place where I am almost afraid to think of leaving the house. When I do, I can’t wait to get back. What did freedom feel like? Not to mention the politics of the moment….Mary

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